International degrees

UPGO University offers of a variety of programs which lead to obtaining internationally recognized certificates, diplomas and other degrees mainly:  bachelor, master or doctoral degrees. These programs are presented  in cooperation with other colleges, universities or scientific institutions in UK and  The Netherlands. The programs available at the moment are:

1. Vocational education programs: They offer awards, certificates and diplomas in cooperation with internationally recognized scientific institutions. The duration of the program varies from one to two years for awards, certificates or diplomas and from three to four years for graduate or postgraduate degrees: bachelor or master. All the certificates, diplomas and degrees awarded follow the British system of Education. These programs are in English. In some cases you can have a Dutch or an Arabic speaking supervisor. This means that you can follow them in English, Dutch or even in Arabic. You can follow one of these programs if you are in The Netherlands of in Iraq.

Send us your latest obtained degree from an Iraqi educational, academic or scientific institution, college or university Iraq and we will evaluate your diploma or degree as a first step to start. The programs available at the moment are mainly business management, leadership or human resource oriented.

2. Higher degrees in languages: In cooperation with other scientific institutions we have bachelor, master and PhD in English language in general. You can within two years obtain master in Special Educational Needs (SEN). Ask for terms and conditions and do not forget to send your latest obtained degree. You can follow your study in The Netherlands and we are going to help you find a suitable secondary school to achieve your goals as it needs practical experience and adopt what you learn.

3. Agriculture: We can offer a big variety of agricultural diplomas and degrees. These degrees are offered by specialized universities and scientific institutions in The Netherlands. In you are a college or university we can help you get minors in cooperation with our Dutch partners. A minor course for your bachelor of science can vary from one month to two months. At the end of your course you will get the credit points allocated to that minor course. These are tailored courses to meet your needs and requirements. Of course we can help you carry out scientific researches The Netherlands as well. Practical courses are also available.

4. Communication technology and information: If you intend to get a diploma of degree in CTI /ICT/IT, do not hesitate to send us your previous diploma of degree accompanied by your practical experience and we will evaluate that and offer you a Dutch certificate equivalent to your level. This equivalent certificate will show you what do you still need to do to reach an internationally recognized level and of course we will suggest carrying out further study to get a higher degree like bachelor or master of even PhD in cooperation with Dutch or English universities.

5. We have a big variety of studies and programs offered in cooperation with Dutch scientific institutions. Some of these studies are in English and others in Dutch. We don’t  offer these programs in Arabic but we can find a suitable supervisor in Arabic if needed. When  you follow these programs you will get a Dutch degree which is recognized by all educational and scientific institutions in The Netherlands. This will help you apply for a job in future especially if you are living in The Netherlands.

6. Minors:  we have a variety of minors offered in cooperation with Dutch partners. Examples of these minors are related to colleges of medicine (doctors, dentists, nurses), agriculture,  CTI, English language and literature, business management studies, and vocational education in general.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you intend to follow an international degree in Europe in general and in The Netherlands in particular.