The Multiparty Centre for Democracy and Dialogue (CMDD) of UPGO University has as goal to, through education, contribute to the stabilization of countries and to positively change nations. Through our conferences we want to contribute to this goal, by providing a platform for scholars, politicians, institutions, leading actors and others to gather and receive education and a chance to connect and exchange.


We as organization possess extensive networks with ngo’s, politicians, civil society groups and religious entities in the West as well as in the Middle-East. We hope to be able to bring a positive contribution to society by bringing different people in our network together. Seeing the need and desire within our network to have these relationships established, our organization takes up the important task to act as a bridge between East and West.

Follow this link to view the next scheduled conference in Valencia from 5-7 August 2016

For inscriptions, please contact us through the contact details provided on the 'contact us' tab on this website.