CMDD is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nongovernmental organization that supports democratic institutions and practices. This centre focusses on political trainings for political parties and pivots on promoting democratic culture. Since its founding, CMDD has worked to establish and strengthen political and civic organizations as well as the youth as leaders of tomorrow. We wish to empower marginalized groups such as religious minorities and women, promoting citizen participation as well as openness and accountability in government.


This centre will try to achieve three main long term goals. These goals will promote the understanding of values, knowledge and skills of modern and western concepts of democracy. These three main goals are:

a. Providing educational programs and trainings for the present political parties as well as the youth who are interested in politics.

b. Empowering marginalized groups and parties. Giving more space to women as the form half of society. We strongly believe that a nation can not develop  when women are not fully included.

c. Initiating, organizing  and strengthening interparty dialogues.


In order to have a solid base to achieve these goals we have are assisted by intellectual representatives. These representatives see  the stability of the country as the most important goal. They are chosen according to these criteria which we believe will win the trust of all parties:

1. They are not biased to any political party.

2. They are financially independent. 

3. They are highly educated professionals. These will include:

    a. university teaching staff;

    b. intellectuals with high experience in politics, economics, law, human rights, NGOs, social and humanitarian subjects;

    c. a team of advisors and supervision. These are mainly politically affiliated professionals from all around the world, including  western politicians, academic staff and people with long experience in relevant fields. These advisors help CMDD to determine the procedure to realize our goals in the most effective way.

We consider it important to affirm that all CMDD members are 100% independent and they do not serve any national or international agenda. They are all highly qualified citizens who have one motto: Democracy and multiparty dialogue can advance a safe, free and prosperous country.

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