UPGO University offers a course especially designed for women and children from the Middle-East to experience European culture as well as learn about the place that women and children have in Western society. We will conduct several child friendly sight-seeing visits as well as organize meetings with several organizations promoting the place of women and children in society. Subsequently the course would provide an excellent occasion for women from the middle-east and Europe to meet and exchange views.

This course will take you to Barcelona, Madrid and Amsterdam where you and young and old will learn about the cultural history of these places. The course will include numerous guided visits and 4 educational study days where qualified teachers will inform participants about the language, culture and history of the places of visit.

The whole tour would be provided for, including hotel bookings, transport, translational services and dinner reservations.

Experiene the rich history of European countries and take you and your children on this extraordinary visit you will never forget.


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Price for Adults (women only): 2500

Price for children (3-18): 2000

Dates: 2-15 June, 2016