A disciplined organized and skillful parliament is essential to vibrant democracy. The responsibilities include but not limited to, legislation, monitoring and oversight, upholding the human rights and rule of law, advancing gender equality, promotion of social justice and increasing economic prosperity.etc. There has been strong desire world-wide to develop their capacity in response to growing expectation of people for more efficient and effective service delivery from their representatives.

The main purpose of parliamentary support is to assist parliaments in developing to the best of their capacity to perform basic legislative, oversight and representative roles.  

Parliamentary support requires local and international input. Just as there has been a proliferation of international actors recognizing the importance of strong, effective parliaments to democratic development. Civil society organizations in many countries have also recognized the critical importance of parliament to the health of their own democracies and are increasingly engaged in monitoring parliamentary performance and supporting issues of parliamentary development and reforms.

Parliaments are at the heart of political events and parliamentary support activities frequently take place and develop as a result of changing political priorities and dynamic alignments. The range of technical support mechanisms must, therefore, be designed to be progressively more imaginative and appropriate if they are to result in a positive outcome within parliaments.


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