This is a list of some of the short courses, facilitated by the Wageningen University.

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Adaptive management of natural resources: managing environmental impact- 14 days

Agriculture in transition: between tradition, innovation, and visioning- 14 days

Agriculture nutrition linkages- 2 weeks

Climate change adaptation in agriculture and natural resource management- 14 days

Climate change governance: adaptation and mitigation as institutional change- 14 days

Competing claims on natural resources- 2 weeks

Contemporary approaches to genetic resources conservation and use- 14 days

Design and Management of Interactive Learning, Action Research-  3 weeks

Ecosystem approach to fisheries: Monitoring of resource use and fisheries-  21 days

Effective regional agricultural policy-   4 weeks

Facilitating multi-stakeholder processes and social learning- 21 days

Fisheries governance- 21 days

Fisheries governance for food security: The dynamics in fisheries- 21 days

Follow up course: Agritourism- 4 weeks

Food security in an urbanizing society- 3 weeks

Governance and food safety in international food chains- 3 weeks

Governance of landscapes, forests and people: innovative arrangements- 14 days

HIV/AIDS and food and nutrition security- 21 days

Integrated pest management and food safety- 21 days

Integrated seed sector development- 2 weeks

International training of trainers on integrated water resources management- 21 days

International training of trainers on IWRM- 3 weeks

Landscape functions and people- 3 weeks

Landscape leadership- 2 weeks

Landscape leadership – professional qualities- 2 weeks

Linking emergency aid to food and nutrition security- 2 weeks

Linking Research to Local Rural Innovation- 2 weeks

Local economic development: Catalyzing vibrant rural economies- 14 days

Lost Harvest & Wasted Food - managing the crop supply chain- 14 days

Lost harvest and wasted food- 2 weeks

Managing for impact- 2 weeks

Managing risk and hazards in the face of natural disaster- 3 weeks

Market access for food security – Towards pro-poor inclusive market-  2 weeks

Market access for sustainable development- 3 weeks

Media design and social change- 3 weeks

Module Training and Extension- 4 weeks

Monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of food and nutrition security programmes- 3 weeks

Organised farmers as partners in agribusiness: Optimizing the performance-  2 weeks

Participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation- 2 weeks

Plant genetic resources and seeds- 3 weeks

Plant variety protection- 2 weeks

Plant variety protection: Plant breeders rights-  2 weeks

Practical Course on Agricultural Equipment- 4 weeks

Promoting entrepreneurship and agribusiness development- 2 weeks

Refresher course: Market access for food security- 2 weeks

Rights based approach to food and nutrition security: Getting governments- 2 weeks

Rural entrepreneurship- 2 weeks

Seed potato technology, certification and supply systems- 2 weeks

Spate Irrigation and Water Management under Drought and Water Scarcity-  2 weeks

Sustainability standards: the road to people's welfare- 3 weeks

Training of trainers: Innovation and Capacity building in Competence based- 3 weeks

Water Resources Assessment- 3 weeks

Watershed and River Basin Management- 3 weeks