Adopt a Family

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There are thousands of families who were driven away from their houses in different places in Iraq. At the moment they live in schools or in governmental buildings. Some are still living in open spaces, like parks, under trees or bridges. Almost all of them lost all possessions they have. They can never afford to hire a house of apartment. It is time that you support these people until, God knows, when they will be save. They are human beings and victims of the brutal aggression of ISIS.

Do not wait! Cold and freezing winter will not have mercy on them. It is you who can save them.

We want them to live in decent houses which we intend to install in some parts around the big cities in the northern part of Iraq. Your donation will help us install more houses or better tents and will speed up this process.

At the beginning we hope that two families can live in one house. Each family needs 800 euro’s a month to live decently in a house and have some money to spend on living expenses. Around 500 euro for hiring a house and the rest for buying the necessary things to survive or live decently. Their children need to go to schools, the sick need medicine.

Start donating now. We will keep you informed about the family you adopt. If you have a family and want to save it, you can start encouraging your friends to donate to that family in particular. In this way you can help them as quickly as possible and save them from cold and hunger.

A fully equipped house with everything new and modern will be at the service of these innocent people, regardless of their ethnic or religious backgrounds, in case our housing proposal is adopted.

Please start donating now and do not waste time thinking about money which can save lives not only of men and women but also of the elderly, children and infants.

Every donation is welcome.

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