Self-determination Project (SDP)

Some families or individuals might determine to leave Iraq for good. Their choice will be respected. AEFD will not be happy if these indigenous people leave their own country, but it will not deter their decision and we will be very happy to assist them achieving their goals. We want these people to stay alive wherever they might be. It is their choice and they know their situation better. We will do our best to cooperate with any individuals, institutions or organizations which are ready to discuss this with us to reach a decision. The indigenous people of iraq are humiliated, deprived of their dignity and focibly thrown away from their homes simply because they are peaceful people. The brutality of the aggressors should not be a barrier and leave these innocent people alone. They lost all their possessions but we can show them that money is not everything in life.

AEFD encourages individuals, charitable foundations, non-governmental and governmental organization to work together with AEFD and the collaborated foundations to support families with a an amount of money ranging from $5000 to $20000 to start some kind of business (micro credit lending). Together we can determine the terms and conditions of lending or donating this amount. This will help a lot of families to stay as long as they earn their living. We can encourage two or three families to use this money to combine their efforts and start a better business. In this way we can help them renting one house of apartment for two or more families and save costs.



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