Anti-Emigration and Forced Displacement (AEFD)

Vision and Mission

Every human being on this earth has inalienable rights: to life and liberty, to human dignity and a happy family life, to practicing his own beliefs, to sufficient means of existence, to schooling and medical care.

There are not many certainties in our earthly existence but there are at least two principles that each self-respecting man needs to observe: respect for life, and love for his neighbor and the world as a whole. These principles are universal laws for humanity and form the basis of peaceful co-existence on earth.

AEFD take these principles as the basis for her thinking and acting. AEFD is open to refugees from all backgrounds and will try to defend their interests to the utmost.

The Anti-Emigration and Forced Displacement Foundation (hereinafter: AEFD) primarily has three main objectives:

1) Self-determination: AEFD will be happy if families and individuals can determine how they want to see their future. A lot of families have already determined to leave Iraq for good. They are living especially in Jordan or Lebanon. They have determined to leave and they are trying to register in UN as immigrants. We respect their choice even though we really find it difficult to see the indigenous people leaving their own country. It is their choice and they know their situation much better than anyone else. They are facing lots of difficulties at the moment. AEFD have met them in Jordan and Lebanon and we have promised them to do our best to co-operate with any individuals, institutions, governemtal organisations which are ready to discuss this with us and reach a decision. We would be very happy to see these people gathering in Europe, for example, instead of being dispersed around the world. Some of these forcibly displaced have enough money; we could help others raise enough money if we find some organisation which is ready to help us help them reach Europe safely. Most of them are graduates and had jobs in Iraq and they can easily integrate and participate in society. As being christian, they are open to new societies, they respect democracy and the values and habits of the western societies. We appeal to the concerned organisations to support us achieve this goal.  

2) Micro Credit as Financial Support: Assisting the refugees in Iraq who were expelled from their homes by the attack of IS (IS) in 2014. AEFD intends to provide both material and immaterial assistance. Helping the displaced who want to immigrate to a safer country whether Europe, USA, Canada, Australia or any other safer country to find suitable financial aid. As immigration is a regretable personal decision, we will never stand against it, seeing the brutality of the aggressors. We do not encourage it but we do understand the reasons behind it and we back these reasons. As we know these people were deprived of all their money before they were forced to leave their own homes and possessions behind and they do not have any money at the moment. We would like to start raising funds to help these people reach a safe haven in Europe or even start their new career in Iraq.

This means that our fund (micro credit) will assist those who want to stay in Iraq and start a project as well as those who want to leave Iraq to a safer place. Besides, the fund will assist in paying for the legal action of our mass claim against the offenders. And that is the third objective.

3) Mass Claim: The submission on behalf of the affected refugees of a mass claim with the Republic of Iraq because of the facts and circumstances which have led to hundreds of thousands of refugees who have been displaced by IS (IS) in 2014, lost their material possessions and on an intangible level suffered of damage by uprooting, separation, loss and deep human sorrow. AEFD is looking for individuals or organisations that are ready to sponsor this mass claim and help people retain their rights and possessions.

Elaboration of the objectives 

- AEFD targets the Iraqi people who are forcibly displaced. These people are human beings and they should be treated as human beings as defined in the Geneva conventions. They  have the right to live and the right to seek legal assistance when their rights are violated. (see: Genève conventions)

- The Geneva Conventions consider  forcible displacement as an act of human rights violation which requires immediate condemnation . AEFD has started a joint action to re-settle the refugees in a decent way. Hundreds of thousands of people have been left to face their fate while the whole world was silently witnessing of what IS(IS) was  and is doing.

- AEFD sees that the international community has not acted properly and proportionately to  the size of this world crisis which is to be considered genocide.

- AEFD will try to react to this improper and negative response  and help each individual inflicted refugee to exercise his/her rights to have the authorities amend for what has happened to him/her.

- AEFD is established to take care of these innocent people and it will try to help them to get their legal rights and satisfy their human wishes by helping them to stay in their own country; to enjoy their own culture, history and heritage; to take care not only of their own children, family members and relatives  but also to rebuild their own community as they have desired and inherited. It is unbelievable and horrific to think of uprooting religious and ethnic minorities like the Christians or even a whole ethnic nation like  it happened to the Yazidis.

- AEFD will make every effort to find  semi-permanent and permanent solutions for the most critical problems which the displaced are currently facing: temporary resettlement, go back home, get compensation for the material and immaterial damages they suffer from, restore their houses or exchange their houses inside Iraq with houses in safer places, get paid for all the material possessions like furniture, cars, machines, factories, gold, ID cards and passports and all other things looted by IS(IS).

- AEFD  has established an administrative office which is set up in Iraq to try to exercise their legal rights even though they were not insured. It has started investigating the the most appropriate way to achieve that locally.

- AEFD will try to improve the villages and places where the refugees have to live. A special rehabilitation centers will be established for these victims of discrimination and hatred. Their villages have to be restored by external assistance and not only by the government alone to speed up the process.

- AEFD will try to register all the extra costs and expenses spent as a consequence to their new situation. like for example, hiring a place to live in like an apartment or hotel.

- AEFD will co-operate with international- and national government organizations, NGOs  and charitable foundations in order to provide assistance on the spot.

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